S&Co is a leading production company in Korea specializing in production, investment and distribution of both domestic and overseas productions. S&Co presented musicals that have long captivated audiences around the world, such as The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, WICKED, and CATS. Furthermore, S&Co has stepped into the global stage as a co-producer of School of Rock world tour starting from Melbourne, Australia which recently completed Korean tour with rave reviews, and also expecting an upcoming Asian tour. From here S&Co hopes to raise the Korean performing arts industry to a world-class level by leading more international projects and by building new audiences, expanding the Korean musical market through bringing new productions of various genres that can be enjoyed by all generations.

In addition, S&Co is extending its business to the global market by setting up a global network with world-class producers while participating as the producer in renowned overseas productions. The company plans to produce global productions and distribute them to the broader international market using the company’s human resources and producing strategy, and to establish an online database that covers major domestic and overseas productions, strengthening S&Co’s foundation as a global producing company. Furthermore, S&Co aims to contribute to the development and expansion of the broader Asian market based on the progress made within the Korean performing arts industry and establish itself as a leader in the international performing arts industry.   



S&CO is a people-oriented company. Source of our aspiration not only springs from profound passion and endless effort toward our profession but the desire to “be the people others want to work with”. We will strive to become a company that delivers exhilarating and unforgettable experience while appreciating the process with others, not only the end result. 


We conduct ourselves towards the performing arts on the belief that a firm step-by-step approach without fear of slow-paced improvement will eventually help us achieve a greater cause. Maintaining a mid to long-term perspective, we will strive to produce contents appreciated by and resonate with all generations.


We place immense effort on increasing educational value of performing arts, all the while developing new generation audience through first-hand visual, audio, emotional experience of the performing arts. By discovering creators and production teams that will advance on to the worldwide market beyond Korea, we will lay the foundation for creative productions that transcend generation and space which will be a cornerstone for Korean performing arts to make way into the world market.


We took initiative in expanding Korean performing arts market after having introduced innovative and diversified content repertoires by utilizing global network. We will focus on expanding current boundaries of the cultural arts in order to encourage liberal and creative art to flourish, as we foster a healthy performing arts environment that is appreciated by the audience solely for its high artistic quality and value. With continuous advancement of the Korean performing arts set as a goal, we wish to be the leader in the industry that never ceases to make new attempts with boundless imagination.


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